It is always a pleasure when cat owners have a furry friend in their corner to offer them a comforting feeling during depressing times. But what if the kitties are enduring quietly in pain as a result of some factors that are external are perhaps not inside their control? Is not it the job of the owner to make sure that their pet will not have problems with these pesky parasites? It really is an sight that is extremely uncomfortable the pet is suffering.

Today keeping this in mind, there are loads of flea prevention treatments available in the market. A number of them are topical, while others come in the type of creams, pills and also flea bombs. All the services and products has its very own group of advantages and disadvantages. For instance; topical treatments can not be utilized if the pet desires to go in the water while dental treatments can help in this respect. Flea bombs work when the cat is in the household, but right while they step outside it really is a new ball game altogether.

One treatment that is such is highly effective to keep fleas under control is Comfortis. It comes down an oral chewable form with beef flavour that is loved by cats. And so the real question is why wouldn’t you select the product? Let us find out the reasons:

Comfortis is available in a tasty that is great that will be loved by even the fussiest of cats. Thus, there’s no necessity to force your cat for eating this tablet. Simply mix it in the food or provide it orally and prevent the inconvenience of topical treatments.

It’s the first beef flavoured tablet for flea prevention in Australia.

It is composed of Spinosad as an ingredient that is active starts causing muscle tissue contractions and tremors in fleas resulting in activation of engine neurons causing paralysis and loss of fleas.

It is a monthly therapy that starts working in half an hour or so after management by eliminating fleas which are feeding in your kitty. It kills 98-100% fleas within 4 hours of administration.

It is recommended for kitties and kittens of at the very least 14 weeks of age and 2 pounds of body weight.

Kills fleas before they eggs in your pet

No need to keep your feline separate from other pets. They are able to get and play with you as well as other animals after ingesting the tablet.

Stops flea infestation in cats and prevents different flea infested conditions like Flea Allergy Dermatitis